Woodies recycled Christmas wrapping paper

Woodies recycled Christmas wrapping paper

Introducing the wildly colourful recycled wrapping paper, Christmas collection. 

This holiday season Woodie has drawn an all star line-up of designs.

Prawn Christmas

Woodie wanted to capture the essence of Christmas in Australia with this design. Summer barbeques are abundant with fresh flavours and prawns (shrimp for those of you outside Australia). This paper is perfect for wrapping presents for foodies and summer lovers. No doubt this will be a best seller. 


prawn christmas recycled wrapping paper woodies


Candy Stripe

Red and white stripes are classic and elegant, for the more sophisticated gift wrapping experience. This design also pairs well with other prints if you are looking for a two-tone combo.   


candy stripe recycled wrapping paper woodies



We are fortunate to have a wonderful display of eucalyptus flowers from spring through to summer. The wreath design captures the flora of a Tasmanian summer. The wreath is the symbol for eternal life and is a message of hope and joy for the holidays. Wrap your presents for nature lovers in this print. 


woodies wreath recycled wrapping paper christmas



I need my holiday season to include an overabundance of baked goods. Know someone who feels the same way about gingerbread? Wrap their gift in this bold print. 


cookies recycled wrapping paper christmas woodies

Tis the season to be... tree planting! For every three sheets sold via woodies.online we plant a tree with the wonderful team at TreeApp. This year we are planting in Peru, Haiti, Brazil, Guinea and across Africa. It's part of our promise to you to give back to the planet. Woodies relies on trees for paper production, and we are very conscious of replanting what resources we have used. Keep an eye on our For Your Planet page to see updates about our tree planting progress. 

 treeapp planting progress with woodies

Cant decide on a favourite? Shop the four pack Christmas bundle. 


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