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Meet Woodie

***Drumroll please***

My name is Emma Woodcock and I am 'Woodie'. Woodie is a nickname that I picked up in primary school, and well, it sure beats some others....

Woodies is a female run, small business based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. When I say small, I mean it. Just me. 

I have been drawing and creating for many years, but when I started learning about the single use plastic problem in the gift wrap industry... I decided to put those designs to good use. To make beautiful wrapping paper that doesn't end up in landfill. Woodies was born. 

I am on a mission to raise awareness about plastic and un-recyclable materials in the wrapping paper industry, whilst providing an eco alternative product. You can rest assured that every single aspect of Woodies products has been considered from an environmentally sustainable viewpoint. 

Woodies add real and meaningful value to your gift. You are showing your gift recipient that you care about the planet. Gift with love 🖤

Please support me by using hashtag #plasticsucks to help raise awareness. Oh, and duh, buy Woodies. 

Learn more about our mission or about the wrapping paper waste problem. 


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Your products look fantastic & the added tape & tags is such a brilliant bonus. You’re Awesomeness is making the world a better place!


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