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Woodies is making a difference

  • Planting Trees
  • Recyclable materials, no plastic!
  • Action to reduce landfill
  • Funding the good guys
Woodies plastic problem landfill image

What is Woodies doing?

Profits go to the 
good guys

A percentage of Woodies profits go to Not-For-Profit organisations working to improve waste handling and awareness.

TreeApp Partner

Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do at Woodies. TreeApp is a small start-up with big goals. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees every single day by 2022. Every 3 woodies sold = 1 tree planted.

No plastic

We do not use single use plastics in producing or sending our Woodies.

Support small

We are a small business and will continue to support other like-minded small businesses. Reach out to us if you want to collaborate. 

Woodies partnership with TreeApp planting trees to offset carbon

Planting Trees

Trees are planted with local communities at critical sites all over the world. The trees we plant together with Treeapp are planted across a number of sites such as Peru, Haiti, Guinea, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Burundi, Tanzania, Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia. They currently have 132 projects in 14 countries.
Choosing to plant with TreeApp means that you are also helping to create jobs in local communities that need it the most and are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of postage and production of your Woodie. TreeApp will never own the land that the trees are planted on. Customers in the UK and Ireland can also download TreeApp to plant more trees!

Woodies planting trees with treeapp

Woodies Tree Tally

As at September 2021:
193 trees planted
386 m² of land reforested

Who are we donating to?

We have committed to donating a portion of our profits to the good guys.
Woodies will support and work with not-for-profit organisations who are working towards landfill and plastic reduction, and education initiatives. You can rest easy knowing that your gift giving is also giving back to the planet. Watch this announcement space to learn more.

Woodies showing the problem with normal gift wrap and the single use plastic problem in the gift industry

Why is 'normal' gift wrap a problem?

Here is the list:
Single use plastic packaging,
Plastic paper coatings,
Trace metals (gold and silver trims look pretty but exclude paper from recycling),
Petroleum based inks,
Non recycled (virgin) paper,
Sticky tape (some sticky tape can be left on paper and still be recycled, but this varies from country to country, and not all tapes are equal. It is best to remove any tape completely before recycling or use gummed paper tape instead).
Low cellulose content paper (thin wrapping paper) - this stuff has a high ink to paper ratio and is not worth recycling.

Holiday waste. The ugly truth.

In Australia

More than 150,000km wrapping paper is used on Christmas day

Its the season to overindulge

Australians increase waste by 30% between Christmas and New Year


If Australia can wrap the globe 4 times on one day, just imagine the global total....... yikes!

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