About Woodies

 Lets start with the paper:

  • 100% post consumer recycled papers.
  • 100% recyclable paper - you can drop it in your recycling bin after use.
  • Vegetable based ink (low tox).
  • 100gsm luxuriously thick paper.
  • Your folded sheets are tucked inside the card backing.
  • Check product page for sheet size.
woodies front product description

Moving on to the thick card outer packaging:

  • 100% recycled Kraft card packaging.
    Thick card keeps your Woodie from bending in the post.

Gift Tags:

  • Please cut these out to use.

What's that around the packaging? Gummed Paper Tape!

  • Please use this paper tape instead of plastic sticky tape.
  • Simply cut it into pieces, wet the underside of the tape with cloth or sponge, stick it on and let it dry.
  • HINT: the less water you use the faster it dries.
  • Each pack has 300mm gummed paper tape included
Woodies back product description

Where is it made?

Glad you asked. Woodie lovingly designs and hand folds each piece in her studio in Tasmania. Paper is printed in East Gippsland (Victoria) by a kick ass, environmentally conscious print company. 
100% Made in Australia.

And the postage?

We pack your order using home compostable mailer bags and labels.
Because #PlasticSucks
We are on a mission to raise awareness about the plastic problem in the gift wrap industry. It is a challenge to create 100% plastic free products, one that Woodie has stepped up to.
Please send us any feedback or product suggestions to hello@woodies.online


Thanks, from Emma a.k.a. "Woodie"
photo of emma woodie the owner and creator of woodies wrapping paper
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