What's wrong with sticky tape?

What's wrong with sticky tape?

Sticky tape is still a genius invention that was adapted from earlier versions of adhesive surgical tape (cloth backed). 3M (Scotch) claims to have created the first transparent cellophane tape in 1930. People coming out of the Great Depression loved the versatility of the new tape and being able to mend household items. Jump forward almost a century and plastic backed adhesive sticky tape contributes to the global plastic problem.

What happens when sticky tape is left on wrapping paper, can it still be recycled? This depends entirely on your local council recycling program. Check with your local recycling depot.
I challenge you to consider the plastic free alternatives to sticky tape when wrapping your gifts. This extends to the packaging it comes in, and the plastic in the tape dispenser. Single use, throw away dispensers are a waste.

The alternatives may be more fiddly, or harder to purchase, but small steps lead to big change:

  1. Woodies gummed paper tape - (non reinforced). This water activated tape has a natural latex glue adhesive on a natural Kraft paper which becomes sticky when moistened with a cloth or sponge. Woodies paper comes with a strip of post consumer recycled gummed paper tape which has a maize starch-based adhesive, ready for you to try out.
  2. Compostable cellulose tape. This tape is made from a wood pulp base with a high tack natural rubber adhesive. It can go into your home compost, and will break down easily in the recycling process.
  3. Recyclable Kraft paper masking tape (non reinforced) - with rubber adhesive.


How to use Woodies gummed paper tape

  1. Pull the gummed paper tape strip off your Woodies pack.
  2. Cut the strip into strips, no smaller than each black circle.
    cutting up the woodies gummed recyclable paper tape
  3. Wet the back of each piece with a dampened kitchen sponge or cloth. This process is similar to wetting the back of a stamp. 
    wet the gummed tape with a damp sponge woodies
  4. Stick down the gummed tape where you would use sticky tape. Depending on the shape of your gift, and the amount of water you have put on the tape, you may need to hold the tape in place for a few seconds. Hot tip: the less water you use, the faster the tape dries and holds.

stick down woodies gummed paper tape wrapping gifts


Shop the Woodies recycled paper range now. All Woodies paper comes with complimentary gummed paper tape for you to try out!

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