Move over leopard print, here comes lobster

Move over leopard print, here comes lobster

lulu style wrapping paper gift wrap eco recycled southern rock lobster tasmania
So I might be a tiny, teeny bit obsessed with pink and red. Can you blame me? I decided it was time for a different kind of animal print to enter the market, because leopard print is so 2020. What could possibly be more unique and Tasmanian than a lobster print? And who would have thought that a crustacean would hold such beauty. When you start looking up close at all of natures creatures, you notice that intricate patterns are everywhere. So I bring to you: Lulu Lobster. 
This design is a good all rounder, perfect for birthdays, thankyous and 'I love you' s.  
lulu lobster eco wrapping paper print design southern rock lobster pattern recycled tasmania
Photo credit Mosaner
Design notes:
The features that motivated my Lulu Lobster design are the intricate bumps and grooves on the Southern Rock Lobster carapace, and of course, the iconic red shell. 

Can you see the resemblance? Having an 'oh yeah!' moment or an 'its more abstract than Picasso' moment? Comment below. 


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