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Launch: Prawn Brunch

The new and highly anticipated Prawn Brunch recycled wrapping paper print by Woodies is here. This blog post is really an appreciation piece to all the wonderful Woodies followers, supporters and customers who have loved the Prawn Christmas so much, they have asked for a "year round" version.
This design is absolutely delicious and would be perfect for birthdays, anniversary's or any summer occasion. 


Now for the exciting feature, the new sheets are BIGGER! Yep, larger than the original Woodies sheets. So there is even more paper to go around. The new size is 594 mm x 841 mm, which is a whole other present bigger than the previous sheets which were 500 mm x 700 mm. Still the same luxurious 100gsm thick paper and vegetable based, low tox inks. 


Woodies prawn brunch recycled wrapping paper blog image

The new paper sheets come in a re-designed and recycled Kraft card backing which is ideal for postage.


Woodies prawn brunch styled photo for blog


Woodie holding the new prawn brunch sheets for the blog

I really had fun designing the prawn details - many of you will know how much of a seafood lover I am. 

So without further ado, lets raise a glass to the new Prawn Brunch. Cheers, and happy shopping.


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