Try this cross-over gift wrapping technique

Try this cross-over gift wrapping technique

I have been a long time follower of Natasha at @effectivespaces, she is an absolute whizz when it comes to gift wrapping and has created her own wrapping course (The Wrapping Guide). This is not an ad, I am just a huge fan!

Anyway, I decided to give one of her wraps a go using a sheet of the Woodies Wreath recycled wrapping paper. This wrapping style uses only one piece of gummed paper tape, and reveals an intricate cross over effect that is useful for adding extra goodies to your gift. This wrap will take your gift to the next level. 

Check out the video below to follow along:


1. Cut a section of paper that is twice the width of your gift on each side (i.e. really wide). Here I am wrapping up a Myrtle and Moss Christmas scented candle for Mum.

woodies wreath recycled wrapping paper wrap inspiration myrtle and moss candle
2.  Bring the top section of the sheet down over the box and use a bedsheet style tuck to work your way down the box, crossing over as you go. It looks a little like wrapping the gift in a jacket!

3. Finish the end off using the standard box end fold and secure with one square of moistened gummed paper tape.

woodies wreath wrap inspiration showing gummed paper tape
4. Tuck your gift tag and goodies into the folds. 


Happy wrapping everyone!


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